Warranty Information

  • Remotes manufactured by DSK TV Supply® have a 1 year replacement warranty.
  • Factory Original Remote Controls (Ex: LG, Sony, Yamaha..) have a 60 days to return or exchange. Remotes with longer warranties will be stated in the description. Warranty does not cover self-inflicted damage (Ex: cigarette smoke damage, water damage or pet chewing the remote control). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the model number of my TV, DVD/ VCR Player or Audio System? 

  • Look on the back or side of your device for a label applied by the manufacturer. The model number is generally located near the serial number of the device.

 How do I program my remote? 

  • Most remote controls are pre-programmed for your device and require no programming.
  • Remotes that do have programming functions please refer to your device's user manual for those specific instructions as each brand is different.

 How do I test my remote control to ensure it is working? 

  • Follow the steps below:
  • 1. Open the camera application on your cell phone.
  • 2. Point the end of the remote control with the IR emitter at the phone's camera lens.
  • 3. Look at the viewfinder/ LCD screen. 
  • 4. Press any button on the remote control.
  • 5. If the remote control is sending a signal, you should see a violet light blink/ flash on your cell phone's screen when you press buttons on the remote control.

 Will you substitute my remote control with another? 

  • No. We always ship you the exact item you purchased. If inventory quantities are off and we do not have your remote in stock, we will inform you and wait for your approval before we cancel or substitute a remote with another.

 Is the Remote Control New, Used or Refurbished? 

  • All remote controls are new unless stated otherwise. When viewing a remote on our website, the condition of the remote is stated in the drop down function when used or refurbished remotes are available.

 What is Refurbished & Used Condition? 

  • Refurbished remotes have not required repair. Our Refurbishment process is: Functionality Testing, Clean/ Sanitize and repackaged. Refurbished remotes could include open boxed or loose remotes that we have acquired without their packaging, product returns, or new remotes with scuffs or scratches on them. All our refurbished remotes have the same warranty period as our new remotes and are guaranteed to work like new. Refurbished remotes may show some signs of use, scratches or scuffs.
  • Used remotes have not required repair. Our process is: Functionality Testing, Clean/ Sanitize and repackaged. Used remotes will show some signs of use, scratches or scuffs.

 How long does my order take to ship?

  • All orders are shipped same day or next next day (Excluding holidays and Sundays). Your order will generally arrive within 2-4 business days of your purchase date.
Privacy Policy 
  • Under no circumstance will we distribute or sell your information to any entity.
  • The only information required is a valid and complete shipping address. You can enter your name as "Resident" or "Current Resident" if you prefer.
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