Brass & Woodwind Instrument Parts

  • Yamaha N1143750 Saxophone Neck Logo/ Emblem

    Yamaha N1143750 Saxophone Neck Logo/ Emblem

    Fits Models: YAS-32 YAS-32 II YAS-32 IIE YAS-32F YAS-475 YAS-62 YAS-62E YAS-62S YAS-62SE YBS-32 YBS-32E YBS-32SE YBS-52 YBS-52E YBS-62 YBS-62E YBS-62SE YSS-675 YSS-675R YSS-675S YSS-675SR YSS-675SU YSS-675U YTS-32 YTS-32E YTS-475 YTS-480 YTS-480S YTS-52...

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  • Yamaha W5170210 Vibraphone Knob

    Yamaha W5170210 Vibraphone Knob

    Fits Models: YV-1600A YV-1605 YV-2700 YV-2700G YV-3000A YV-3200A YV-3600A YV-3700 YV-3710 YV-3710JM YV-3910 YV-4110 YV-4110M YV-500E YV-520 YV-600E Original Factory Equipment.Instructions not included. Refer to service manual for replacement...

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