Encoder and Potentiometer Basics

Potentiometer and encoder are both electromechanical devices that can measure position. The difference is that the potentiometer outputs analog signals whereas the encoder provides digital signals. Additionally, encoders can spin continuously in both directions, while potentiometers can only turn a set distance clockwise or counter-clockwise before they stop.

  • Yamaha V375090R Mixer Rotary Potentiometer

    Yamaha V375090R Mixer Rotary Encoder

    Compatible with Models: DM1000 ch1-ch16 DM2000 ch1-ch24 effect 1-4 F/Q (EQUALIZER LOW) F/Q (EQUALIZER LOW-MID) F/Q (EQUALIZER HIGH-MID) F/Q (EQUALIZER HIGH) MIX/FB (DELAY) LEVEL1-4 (AUX/MATRIX SEND) M7CL ch 1 - 8 MIX / MATRIX 1 - 16 HA DYNAMICS...